Creatbot F430 PEEK Edition Professional 3D Printer

Creatbot F430 PEEK Edition Professional 3D Printer

$5,999.00 +gst

Creatbot F430 – NZ’s Most Advanced Professional Desktop 3D Printer

With the new & improved Creatbot F430, you can 3D Print any material currently available in Filament Form.
An Advanced 3D Printer that has every feature a versatile desktop 3D Printer can be expected to have for superb performance.Get the F430 & you will never look back.

Why buy from us?

We have these machines ready to collect or ship from our Auckland office.

Free Training with the Creatbot F430 3d printer.

Free Phone Support, not just email support.

Free Fully Calibrated Material Specific Profiles for over 40 different requirements.

We also give you $200 worth of extras including high temp capable hot ends in the package.

We aim to have the BEST PRICE & BEST SERVICE for Everything 3D Printing in NZ.

On top of our Free Training & Support, we still Aim to be UNBEATEN on Price.
So if you find the same product & a comparable service level anywhere in New Zealand, please get in touch with us & we will usually be able to beat the competition.

Why buy a High Temperature capable 3d printer?

Machines like the Creatbot F430 are not only for high performance materials. They are much better at printing everything else.
So the features that make the F430 a stunning desktop 3d printer are actually going to help anyone make better 3d prints time & time again even with the simplest of materials like PLA.

This machine can 3d print with any material currently available in filament form, including the entire range of
Carbon Fibre reinforced Nylon 6/12, Carbon PetG, Carbon Fibre PEI, Carbon Fibre PEKK, PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPSU, PSF, ESD PC etc
They will also print all your common PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, etc extremely accurately.

Please see Details & Technical Specifications below


3D Printer Training NZ
3D Print advanced engineering material

3D Printing Advanced materials like PEEK, PEKK, PEI Ultem, PPSU etc once meant spending hundreds of thousands on expensive 3d printers, getting locked into mandatory service level contracts, & using proprietary filaments costing thousands per roll.
We’re Proud to be Presenting New Zealand with the very first open format non-proprietary PEEK 3D Printing Solution!

Creatbot F430 3d printer NZ features
  • Massive Build Volume: 400mm x 300mm x 300mm

  • Enclosed with Carbon Filters to minimise nanoparticle emmissions.
    Enables you to Print Poly Carbonate without the pungent odour.

  • Active Chamber Temperature management up to 70 C
    Lets you print accurately with materials that exhibit heavy shrinkage properties, like ABS, PC, etc

  • Fully Automatic Bed Levelling System with 27 point surface detection.
    And allows full compensation for build plate surface add-ons.

  • Direct Drive High Temperature Extruders up to 420 C
    Reliable high temp performance for any 3d printing material currently available.

  • Full Linear Rails for XY movement & Dual Ball Screws for Z plate movement.
    Gives commercial quality motion precision to the printer heads – a feature that was once dedicated only to 3d printers that cost over $100,000.

  • FREE Training right here in our Auckland office. We want to help you successfully print advanced materials.
    We might be able to come to your site in New Zealand, please contact us to discuss.